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Once again, this is where routines can outsmart feelings . Sure, you might feel like watching cat videos, but every morning, you sit down at your computer and open a blank document.

You write for two hours (or whatever your routine entails) and you don’t bother taking your emotional temperature.

Progress ensues. Then you repeat, repeat, repeat.

3. Delegate wheneverpossible

The other day, I had a great idea during my morning workout. It was one of these eyebrow-raising lightbulb moments.

Unfortunately, it had nothing to do with my three focus areas I mentioned above. So, I made a note in my phone and asked our COO to follow my mental thread.

I was tempted to chase it myself, but I knew I had to stay focused.

I realize that delegation isn’t always possible, especially when you’re just starting out or money is tight. JotForm is a bootstrapped company .

We’ve never taken a dime in outside funding , so I know what it’s like to watch every dollar.

But when it’s possible, delegation can pay off, big time. Offload an activity if:

You can regain precious time, energy or focus Someone else can do it better. The importance of enjoying theride

We’ve talked a lot about everyday motivation. But how do you sustain your drive for the long run ?

It’s an important question. The answer will look a little different for everyone, but ultimately, we’re all motivated by joy and meaning.

Guardian columnist (and The Antidote author) Oliver Burkeman first led me to Buddhist teacher Susan Piver . Tired of forcing herself to be “good” and master the daily to-do list, Piver decided instead to focus on the pleasure of her work:

“Once I remembered that my motivation is rooted in genuine curiosity and my tasks are in complete alignment with who I am and want to be, my office suddenly seemed like a playground rather than a laborcamp.”

She asked herself what would be fun to do and then focused on what she loved about each activity.

In the end, her day looked the same as it did when she was “disciplined” — but the experience was nearly effortless:

“Yes, discipline is critical, just like all the teacherssay.

And there is definitely stuff that needs doing that is just never going to be fun, like paying bills and cleaning the catbox.

But I suggest that instead of being disciplined about hating on yourself to get things done, try being disciplined about remaining close to what brings youjoy.”

Talk about a perspective shift. We all go through tough times, work at jobs we don’t love and endure genuine unfairness.

But if you’re struggling to do something you care deeply about, go easy on yourself.

Company to Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds for Continued Product Development and Distribution

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Feb 17, 2015, 09:00 EST

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NEW YORK , Feb. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --Smart toy and technology developer Elemental Path today announced their new line of connected toys, CogniToys, which evolve alongside children as they learn and grow. The first toy powered by cognitive computing system IBM Watson , Elemental Path launched its Coach Logo CapToe Flats Buy Cheap Get Authentic Buy Cheap Eastbay Buy Cheap Manchester Outlet View Low Shipping R9zsNS
for CogniToys on February 16 to raise $50 thousand for continued product development and distribution.

CogniToys will bring a new gateway of smart, entertaining and interactive learning experiences to kids in the digital age. They combine the Elemental Path friendgine, a proprietary platform that supports full speech recognition, with IBM Watson's cognitive computing and natural language processing capabilities. Highlight features of the first CogniToy—a mini dinosaur—include:

"Our goal is to provide toy companions that combine the promise of today's digital innovations with the curiosity implicit in play," said Donald Coolidge , co-founder, Elemental Path. "By integrating Watson , the most advanced AI in the world, with our advanced capabilities, we're bringing a first-of-its-kind product to consumers. We're poised to break into the toy market while aiming to inspire learning and interaction as kids make discoveries about the world around them."

Best suited for children aged four to seven, Elemental Path's first CogniToys will be available for pre-order via Kickstarter for $99.99 .

Elemental Path is an IBM Business Partner and active member of the Watson Developer Cloud community, where it continues to explore new, creative ways to apply cognitive computing technologies to transform industries and professions.

For more information, please visit .

To donate to Elemental Path's Kickstarter, please visit the company's CogniToys Ankle strap ballet pumps rame/curry Wiki Cheap Online vvqAY

The next generation of smart toys that learn and grow with each child, CogniToys are a new gateway to smart, fun and interactive learning for children in the digital age. Harnessing the power of IBM Watson, all CogniToys are internet-connected and speech-enabled to deliver highly personalized, engaging play experiences. CogniToys are designed, developed and manufactured by interactive technology developer Elemental Path, based in New York . For more information, visit .

IBM Watson is a cognitive computing system that uses natural language processing, machine learning and advanced analytics to process information in a manner that is similar to the way people think. The company is investing $1 billion into the Watson Group, focusing on development and research and bringing cloud-delivered cognitive applications and services to market. This includes $100 million available for venture investments to support IBM's ecosystem of start-ups and businesses building cognitive apps made with Watson .

For more information on IBM Watson, including Watson Academic Initiatives and Watson Ecosystem, please visit Salvatore Ferragamo Buckled Patent Leather Pumps Cheap Real Clearance Classic 2018 Unisex For Sale IWZrauL

Dave Cotrone Diffusion(646) 571-0120 [email protected]

Charisse Higgins IBM Watson1 (347) 266-7540 [email protected]

SOURCE CogniToys

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“Smart” Toys May Not be the Smartest Choice for Kids

Internet-enabled, or “smart,” toys are at the top of most kids’ holiday lists this year, and it’s no wonder why they’re so popular. Kids can play and connect with smart toys in unique and interactive ways. Some are connected to websites and apps, and can range from simple drawing tools and stories, to more in-depth “grown-up” play like taking care of a virtual animal or learning to write code. There are even gadgets aimed at helping establish healthy habits, like a water bottle that encourages staying hydrated throughout the day, or a toothbrush that lets kids play games while brushing to promote good dental hygiene.

However, as with everything else connected to the Internet, there are possible danger zones. In fact, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (ICCC) has issued a Alejandro Ingelmo Flavia Iridescent Pumps w/ Tags For Sale Discount Sale Explore Fashion Style Cheap Price Footlocker Pictures For Sale Free Shipping Clearance jYu5Fmm
about privacy and safety concerns associated with smart toys and other children’s devices that connect online. While that cute Furby Connect Friend sitting in the corner may seem innocent, the FBI warns that internet-connected toys can create opportunities for child identity fraud.

According to the FBI, the risk with smart toys comes from the fact that they are able to collect personal information about your child, and also have Internet access. Information is gathered through built-in features like:

For instance, if the toy has a microphone, it could potentially record not just your child’s voice, but also other conversations happening around it.

“Information such as the child’s name, school, likes and dislikes, and activities may be disclosed through normal conversation with the toy or in the surrounding environment,” the FBI explains.

In addition, the FBI warns, personal information is usually requested when setting up a user account online for the toy, such as your child’s name, date of birth, pictures, and address. With just this basic information, the FBI says, smart-toy manufacturers and third parties can potentially collect “large amounts of additional data” about your child including GPS location, visual identifiers from pictures and videos, and known interests/hobbies used to garner your child’s trust.

“These features could put the privacy and safety of children at risk due to the large amount of personal information that may be unwittingly disclosed,” the FBI says.

If a smart toy is #1 on your kid’s gift list, the FBI offers several tips to help reduce risks. Just as you tell your kids, it’s important to do your homework.

Research any known reported security issues with the toy. Google the name of the toy and “security concerns.” Find out the toy’s security measures for connecting to the Internet and other devices, through technologies like Bluetooth. Know if the toy can receive updates and security patches. If yes, make sure to obtain the latest updates. Research where and how user data collected by the toy is stored and used, both by the manufacturer and third-parties, and what measures are in place to protect it.

Many of the same basic rules for staying safe online apply to safe smart toy play as well. For example:

Only connect toys to trusted, secured Wi-Fi networks. Be aware of the information your kids are providing when setting up user accounts. Tell them to divulge as little personal information as possible. Use strong, unique passwords for user accounts. Use a password or PIN when connecting the toy to another device via Bluetooth. Closely monitor your child’s activity with the toy, especially recorded sounds and conversations. Disconnect the toy from the Internet and turn it off when not in use.

If you suspect your child’s toy may have been compromised, you can file a complaint online with the ICCC, at floral embroidered sandals Buy Online Cheap Price Newest For Sale Outlet Limited Edition UVPZzR3

References: FBI, Money Talks News, Avatar Generation, USA TODAY

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“Smart” Toys May Not be the Smartest Choice for Kids
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Adenosine Diphosphate in Red Cells as a Factor in the Adhesiveness of Human Blood Platelets

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